Lucked Out

I’ve been lucky a few times in my life. The latest was when I picked Gezi as my travel and training partner. She is a good dog and she is adorable. So adorable that people fawn over her.

I’m not a people person. So having random people in my personal space is a new experience. Truth be told, most of the time it is a welcome surprise.

Other times like in the toilet when Gezi is attached to my hip while I’m trying to pee and then am suddenly tugged sideways or when I’m juggling my bags, a hot coffee and a kid decides to get her riled up, that’s when I can be a bit kert.

But life goes on and we are on our way on our first international adventure to France.

A Day in a Bag

I’m a runner and traveler and dog lover. In my 20s and 30s I had a yellow lab named Haiku as a companion. A few times I had to carry her out because she was tired and bonking.

So this time I set out to find a smaller companion that could run in the mountains with me. Gezi is her name. When I got her, she weighed 1 kg and now weighs in at just over 5kg.

She was small and fit in a bag. The bag now is bigger but she loves being on my back heading to the trails for a run.

Post first run